Django Bootstrap Tutorial: How To Add Bootstrap to Django.

If you’re a back-end web developer who wants to make your Django website look good, you do not have to write HTML, CSS, or Javascript from scratch. You can simply use premade Bootstrap styles to quickly make your website look more appealing. This post will teach you how to add Bootstrap to Django so you […]

How to Multiply Integers with Floating Point Numbers in Python

To multiply integers with floating point numbers in Python, we use the multiplication operator (*). If the multiplication operator (*) appears between a number of type int and of type float or vice versa, then the numbers will multiply each other. The product of an int and a float is a float. If you want […]

How to Multiply in Python

In mathematics, we use the symbol Γ— to multiply numbers. It is the standard symbol for multiplication and it is called the multiplication sign. When we put the Python programming language into the picture, the symbol disappears but the multiplication fundamentals remain the same. In this post, you’ll learn how to multiply in Python. To […]

How To Add New line to String Using Python new line Character.

The Python Newline character is a special Python character that produces line breaks. It is made up of a backslash and the letter n (\n). All characters in a string that appear after the newline character will be printed on a new line Because of those special characteristics, it can also be called a line-break […]

Fix Python TypeError: List Indices must be Integers or Slices, not str

If you come across an error like this: TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not str? Do not worry, it is just hinting that you have used the wrong data type (in this case, a string) as an index of a list item, instead of using an integer. Let me explain a little […]

Python Trim Whitespace: How To Trim String Whitespace In Python Using strip(), lstrip(), and rstrip()

In Python and other programming languages, to trim whitespace is to remove any extra blank or empty space around a word or character in a string. In Python, we use the function strip() and its younger siblings lstrip() and rstrip() to trim whitespace in a String. We usually work with strip(), lstrip(), rstrip() when dealing […]

Python Comment Block: How to Block Comment In Python.

In JavaScript, we use the forward slash and the asterisk (/*, */) to comment out a block of code. In C#, Java, Golang, Rust, etc., commenting out a block of code can be done using the same combination of symbols as in JS. In other programming languages, a block of code can be commented out […]

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