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Youtube is the best place to learn anything from the Internet (online) because it is free and has a large following. If you’re looking to find the best Django youtube channels, you’ve already been using Youtube for quite some while and you know of all the amazing features that it has. Just to mention some of the great and most popular ones. On Youtube you can save videos to watch later (which I always do when I come upon an interesting video on my home feed, while I still want to scroll down), You can create your own playlists of related videos you wish to watch all at once. You can like, unlike, and comment on videos that you watch and ultimately subscribe to your favorite Youtube channels. Speaking of subscribing, as a Django developer, you have to be immersed deep into what you really like (that is learning more Django, creating more Django projects, and keeping connected to the Django community). So In this post, I present to you the best Django Youtube channels you should subscribe to today! Like Right Now!
So let’s get started.

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There are always a lot of things for everything, in this case, there are many Django youtube channels on youtube than what you can reasonably subscribe to. I mean, even if you find up to the last Django youtube channel, you cannot subscribe to all of them while you still can keep track of the content they offer to you. That is the reason we have selected the best. These have been selected through the overall content they offer (that is they must be mainly focused on Django, right?), the quality of the content, the number of subscribers(what most people subscribe to is generally the best), number of videos they have published. Most of these are tutorial-based (very long videos) but I’ll also include the ones where tricks, tips, and news are some of the most prevailing types of content. But I’ll also feature a list of other small, upcoming channels that you may be interested in.

Quick Glance: The Best Django YouTube Channels.

  1. Dennis Ivy
  2. CodingEntrepreneurs
  3. JustDjango
  4. Very Academy
  5. PyPlane

Detail: The Best Django YouTube Channels

1. Dennis Ivy.

Dennis Ivanov is a Full stack web developer based in the United States. He has been uploading Python, Django and Javascript tutorial based video courses since 2017 on his channel Denis Ivy and has gained, as of this writing, a view count of 12M as well as about 164k subscribers. He has no proper uploading routine, but you should expect at least about three videos every single month. So far he has 165 videos on his channel. With that said, his videos are well planned and his teaching is awesome (sticks to the point). The videos range from short 7minute non-tutorial videos to an average of 3 hour long tutorial based videos. Others even range to 10 hours of non-stop coding sessions. He has featured some other great programmer youtubers(mostly front-end programmers) like Gary Simon, Justin Mitchel and his wife Sulamita Ivanov. He himself has also been featured on other general purposed channels like Travery Media. Recently he has been favoring live streams to the uploaded videos.

More Information About His Django Youtube channel.

Number of Subscribers:164k
Date Joined:24 Oct 2017
Number of Videos:165
Main Content:Django, Python, Javascript, UI/UX

Other Channels.

You can also find Dennis Ivy On The following sites.

2. CodingEntrepreneurs

The CodingEntrepreneurs youtube channel was created all the way back in 2013 by Justin Mitchel. The channel focus on teaching the technical side of web technologies to business oriented people. Main focus is on technologies like Python and Django. Justin is an awesome teacher who is both witty and straight to the point. Although he does post long form videos of about 1 hour long, most of his project-based tutorials are divided into small parts which you can follow along very easily. He usually posts about 3 videos every week. Apart from the free content that he shares on his Youtube channel, Justin also has premimium courses which you can find at the channel’s website. He has also featured other Django developers on his channel like Dennis Ivanov, Mitch Tabian and Valerio Velardo. He also had started posting YouTube Shorts on his channel.

More Information About His Django Youtube channel.

Number of Subscribers:206k
Date Joined:30 Jun 2013
Number of Videos:783
Main Content:Django, Python, APIs, Accepting Payments, Stripe, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap

Other Channels.

3. JustDjango

The JustDjango Youtube channel was created by Matthew Freire, a Portugal based Django Developer, in 2018. As it name suggests, the channel is all about Django and related stuff. Currently, The Channel has 98 videos and 72k subscribers. The total view count is 4M. Most of the content on the JustDjango Youtube channel are Django projects divided into several videos, each video focusing on a specific part of the tutorial. Some of the projects that he builds are Chart application with Django Channels, Django Blog, A filter Form and an Eccormece Website. He also hosts his podcast on the channel where he interviews Django Startapp founders and the like. Apart from this free and awesome content, Matt offers some Advanced premium Django courses from his website.

More Information About His Django Youtube channel.

Number of Subscribers:72.2k
Date Joined:14 Jan 2018
Number of Videos:98
Main Content:Django

Other Channels.

4. Very Academy

Very Academy is a Django Youtube Channel created by Alexander Stacey in 2016. Xander covers a lot of web technologies on his channel including Python, Javascript, WordPress, and many more but the main focus in on teaching the Django web development framework. Xander post his Django videos more frequently than other developers on this list, He posts at least one video every single day. His videos are averagely of about 30 minutes long as either a part of a full series tutorial or just as an explnation of a Django concept. The total number of videos since the creation are 410. His explanations of programming concepts are very easy to understand. He recently has been creating some Youtube Shorts mainly on the Python Programming language. 

More Information About His Django Youtube channel.

Number of Subscribers:37.1k
Date Joined:5 Feb 2016
Number of Videos:410
Main Content:Python, Django, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, WordPress, MySQL

Other Channels

5. Pyplane

Another great Django Youtube channel is Pyplane created by the Polish developer in 2019. Since this time, he has ammesed a view count of 1M total views. He currently has about 24k Youtube subscribers. He posts about 3 times in some months. His channel has about 100 videos. His content is mainly focused on Django connecting with other technologies like ReactJS and React Native.He also does Python GUI with tkinter and machine learning. His videos on average are about 20 minutes long. But other do even reach to many hours. Like his 7 hour Django Full Tutorial.

More Information About His Django Youtube channel.

Number of Subscribers:24.8k
Date Joined:20 Nov 2019
Number of Videos:109
Main Content:Django, Javascript, ReactJS, Machine Learning, GUI, tkinter, React Native

Other Channels.

Small (Upcoming) Django Youtube Channels. (Show Them Some Love!)

The following Youtube Channels offer great tutorials and information about Django, but unfortunately, they have not gained much of a following. Show them some love by subscribing to their YouTube channels. And I’m not in any way affiliated with them, I just like these guys.

1. Code With Stein

Stein is a Norway based Django developer who is also the founder of the Code With Stein Youtube Channel. From 2018, he has managed to have 13k subscribers and a total view count of 800k views. His videos range from short 8 minute videos up to hours long tutorail videos and courses. However, most of his videos are about 20 minutes long. Stein covers mainly Django, but also includes related web technologies like Vue.js and Pixi.js. He usually post 3 times a week. Now his channel has 256 videos. Show him some love.

2. Django Mastery

With almost 200 videos of helpful and high quality content about Django by , a Django developer from Brazil. You may think It is a shame that this channel has only got 2.5k subscribers. But I think it is on its way to take over since it only got created in December 2021. With that been said, he posts at least one video almost every single day.  Django Mastery is channel dedicated to teaching mainly Django. It if filled with great content about the web development framework. Most of his videos are about 40 minutes long and 1-2 hours long. Most of his content is about building amazing projects in Django. Show him some love.

3. Code With Tomi

Tomi started his Django YouTube Channel, Code with Tomi, in 2020. He is a Django developer based in the United Kingdom. Tomi has posted over 130 videos on his channel and has managed to get 15k subscribers as well as 370k views. He posts about 3 times every month. His videos range from short 10 minute long videos to very long videos. At some point, he takes through a 10 hour long tutorial on Python Backend development. You can show him some love by subscribing to his Youtube channel.

General Purposed Youtube Channels That Feature Django.

The main focus of the following Youtube channels is not to teach Django, however, on the channels you can find really good tutorials and other information about the Django web development framework. I won’t get into details of what each of these channels really do. Please check them out.

1. Traversy Media.

2. FreeCodeCamp.


4. Tech With Tim

5. Programming With Mosh

6. Telusko

7. Clever Programmer

Honorable Mentions: Best Django YouTube channels.

Corey Schafer

On this whole list, the Corey Schafer Youtube Channel has the most amount of subscribers. His tutorials are good and easy to understand. However, it’s been a year since he has posted on the Channel.

Max Goodridge

Creating Youtube Videos for his Youtube Channel is no longer Max’s main focus. and since 2018, he has not posted a single video. However, His content is still good and relevant.

Code Keen

Code Keen is a Django Youtube Channel by Indian-based backend developer Abhijeet Gupta. If you can follow along, his content is very good and resourceful. However, although he mixes with English, most often he is speaking in his home language which most other learners will not be able to understand.

Code Band

Code Band is mainly about Python, Django, Javascript and Css. It is a Youtube Channel by an indian based Django developer. Being started in 2019, it has managed to achieve a total view count 730k and 8k subscribers. Most of his videos are short and straight to the point, they range from 8 long videos to about 40 minutes long ones. Most of his tutorials are in English but sometimes he speak in his own native language which is Malayalam. However, it has been long since he posted a video.

Conclusion: Best Django YouTube channels.

These are the best Youtube channels I have subscribed to over my period of learning the Django web development framework. If you know of some other Django Youtube Channels that are good, please share them on the comments section below. Perhaps, you also want to start your own Django Youtube channel. Its never too let buddy. Just make sure you offer high-quality content. If you do have, I’m curios to know about from the comments section below. If you rather prefer reading than watching, a post on best Django blogs is coming soon. For now, I have the best Django books already available for you. Make sure you check it out. Peace.

Best Django YouTube channels (Subscribe Today!).

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