About Us.

Coding Gear is a blog devoted to helping programmers and potential programmers improve their abilities and productivity. We focus mainly on programming books as they are the β€˜best way to learn how to read and write code.’

The book reviews and best book lists we share on this blog, we have actually read the books ourselves and the information is mainly about what we think of them and whether you should read them or not.

The main author of Coding Gear is Wayne McAdam. He works with other co-workers to provide the best and unbiased reviews about programming books.

When we say programming books, we are talking about books from all programming languages, with the main focus on the most popular ones as these are the ones programmers are actually looking to read.

Some of the programming languages we cover most often include (but are not limited to): Python, Javascript, Java, C, C++, C#, SQL, and many others. And these are also the ones that have been added to our navigation menu. If we had added everything that we cover, then you would not imagine what our blog will be looking like.

If you have anything else you want to know about us (the Coding Gear team) feel free to contact us from our contact page. We are still building on our social profiles, but once we are done, you will also be able to contact us and get in touch with us from there.

See you in our blog posts. Peace!

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